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Grampians Central West Waste and Resource Recovery Group

Welcome to the Grampians Central West Waste and Resource Recovery Group website.

The Grampians Central West Waste and Resource Recovery Group (Grampians Central West WRRG) was formed on 1 August 2014.  The organisation is legislated under the Environment Protection Act 1970 (the Act) and is one of seven waste and resource recovery groups in Victoria established under the Act.

Grampians Central West WRRG is the link between state, local governments and industry and is responsible for facilitating a coordinated approach to the planning and delivery of infrastructure and services in the areas of municipal solid waste (MSW), commercial and industrial waste and commercial (C & I) and construction and demolition waste (C & D).

We have two offices, one located in Ballarat and one in Horsham to service our region. Our region consists of twelve local government areas extending from Moorabool Shire in the east to West Wimmera Shire in the west.

For more details about the role and functions of Grampians Central West WRRG please see our ‘About Us’ page.

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