GCW Board

The Board is the governing body of Grampians Central West WRRG. Board members are appointed by Governor in Council on recommendation of the Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change.  The Board is comprised of skills-based nominees recommended to the Minister through an expression of interest process, and local government councillors nominated by the Grampians Central West Local Government Waste Forum.  The Chair of the Board is appointed by the Minister from the Local Government Councillors appointed to the Board.

Board Roles

The role and duties of the Board include:

  • Strategy
  • Governance; and
  • Risk Management.

The Board establishes and monitors governance arrangements for Grampians Central West WRRG ensuring the preparation and approval of strategic plans, annual reports, key policies and procedures.

Meet the Board

Cr. Sebastian Klein, Local Government Nominee Director & Chair, Board

Cr. Klein, Mayor of Hepburn Shire Council, has been a Councillor since 2008.  An interest in sustainability led him to pursue opportunities in reducing carbon emissions. This in turn led to his involvement in community groups such as Hepburn Renewable Energy Association (parent body of the community-owned Hepburn Wind project) and the Building Communities Leadership Journey. I pursued these interests into tertiary study of an Ecological Agriculture Course, which allowed him to focus on the role of energy in rural industries. This led to further self-funded study tours in Austria (at the World Sustainable Energy Days) and New Zealand, looking at bioenergy in public facilities. He has a focus on energy efficiency and renewable energy in Local Government.

Cr. Belinda Coates, Local Government Nominee Director & Chair, LG Forum

Cr. Coates is a Councillor at City of Ballarat, was first elected in 2012 and held the position of Deputy Mayor during 2016. She is a former chair and board member of the Highlands Regional Waste Group and is a current board member for Central Victorian Greenhouse Alliance. Having worked for over 20 years as a social worker in the health, public service and tertiary education sectors, she is passionate about community engagement and relationship management. Belinda has a keen interest in data and rapidly advancing technology in regard to resource recovery to achieve environmental, economic and social benefits.

Cr. Kevin Erwin, Local Government Nominee Director

Cr. Erwin lives at Stawell, and has been involved with Waste Boards since 2005. He has been a councillor since 2003, acted in the Mayoral role four times, as well as serving on the Audit Committee. He is a former CFA board member and a CFA volunteer and current chair of a number of Development, Transport and Festival committees in the Wimmera region.

Cr. Corinne Heintze, Local Government Nominee Director

Cr. Heintze from Yarriambiack Shire, owns and runs a grain and sheep farm and Agricultural Chemical Supply outlet at Minyip. She believes more needs to be done to recycle the ever increasing mountain of rural packaging materials, even though DrumMuster is a good start. Corinne is passionate about rural lifestyle, volunteering and the rewards it offers. She believes it is most important to maintain ‘grass root’ relationships with the community when coming up with ideas to manage waste and recycling.

Mr Jeff Rigby, Skills based Director & Chair, Audit Committee

Jeff Rigby is a water industry and public sector governance professional with 30 years of experience working with three water utilities located and servicing communities in the western and north-central regions of Victoria.  Jeff is currently the Managing Director of Coliban Water and, prior to this role, was the Managing Director at GWMWater from 2007 until 2011.  Jeff is a past member and former chairman of two regional councils for adult, community and further education (2009 to 2014) and a former board member and chairman of a regional not-for-profit disability enterprise (2004 to 2010).

Mr. Patrick Goodall, Skills based Director

Paddy has an extensive background in aviation and risk management. He currently serves as the Chief Air Traffic Controller for the national service provider, Airservices. Paddy was appointed as a skills-based Director to the Board.

Mr Robert Miller, Skills based Director

A senior manager/engineer with extensive experience (35 plus years) in the waste management, environment, mining and construction industries, Rob is a skills-based Director for the Grampians Central West WRRG. Ron has permitted, designed and operated a portfolio of landfills and is now focussed on AWT development, including waste resource recovery and energy. With strong strategic, financial, project management, people, marketing and negotiation skills, he also has extensive International experience in Asia, Europe and the USA.

Mr Noel Perry, Skills based Director

A skills-based Director appointed to the Board in 2014, Noel is a Retired Assistant Commissioner of Victoria Police. His last portfolio with the Police was command of the Ethical Standards (Internal Investigation) Department. He was a Councillor for the City of Ballarat from 2008 to 2013 and Chair of Highlands Waste Management Group for same period.


Board Members’ Responsibilities

Our Directors undertake a number of responsibilities including:

  • setting the broad strategy for the Group to meet its objectives and performance targets;
  • approving, where appropriate, Group policies and other recommendations received from the Group, its sub-committees and staff;
  • monitoring all Group policies; reviewing and recommending changes to the Group’s internal strategies and policies manual;
  • establishing and monitoring governance arrangements for the entity;
  • integrating risk management into the entity’s strategic planning process;
  • monitoring and reviewing the effectiveness and currency of internal financial and operational risk management, compliance and reporting systems;
  • ensuring the preparation of and approving strategic plans, annual reports, key procedures and policies
  • considering and approving the Group’s Annual Budget;
  • appointment and release of the Executive Officer; and
  • assisting to develop and maintain positive relations among the Board, committees, staff, stakeholders and the community to enhance the Group’s mission.