Your School is Invited –

Become a Climate Ready School!

For Teachers:

We will be providing you with the opportunity to participate in our professional development program that focuses on helping you to integrate climate change into your teaching and curriculum. We will address the core issues in sustainability – energy, water, waste and biodiversity – how to manage them in the context of your school, include them in your curriculum for all subjects and help you to educate the climate ready citizens of the future.

Professional Development Days will be held at:

Horsham, Ararat, Ballarat – Week commencing 16 March and 8 June 2020 (subject to sufficient registrations).

In addition we will be offering a number of classroom resources for your school including a copy of the film 2040
which takes the topic of climate change but identifies some of the positive work that is already being done. We will
be providing you with some comprehensive resources including books, teaching curriculum and access to a variety
of reliable information sources.

Student Climate Forum – Where will you be in 2053?

For Students:

Here is the chance for students to undertake a practical activity that relates to climate change and sustainability in their school. While understanding the basics of climate science is important, communications and providing some positive experiences in dealing with climate change issues are also important – this means that the range of projects can include practical science base programs and behaviour change programs to reduce energy and water use, reduce waste or increase biodiversity but also some communication activities such as digital video products, art work and other ways of providing students with the opportunity to learn about climate adaptation and build resilience and capacity for themselves and their community.

Subject areas that could be included in a project can include environmental and other science, maths, communications, health, art, food and gardening, geography etc.

We will provide you with a mentor and if you are already a ResourceSmart School then your facilitator will also be
there to assist you with the project.

The culmination of the student projects will be at a Schools Climate Forum to be held during the week commencing 24 August 2020 in Horsham and Ballarat.

Schools will be asked to present on their work and what they have learned. We will also have some special guests who will work with the students during the day to help them identify what skills and abilities they will need into the future as they become the adults of the future – where will they be in 2053?

Register your interest

We invite you to register your interest in this exciting program that will not only help to develop the discussion around climate change but provide some positive options for the future of today’s children.

Contact us by email to register your interest.