GCWWRRG is proud to sponsor ‘Vogue Gone Rogue’, a competition to find the best use of used agricultural plastic in the creation of a fashion item or accessory.

Meet our judges:

Samantha McIntosh

Leading up to 2020 I have been privileged to serve as a Councillor for the City of Ballarat for 12 years –Mayor for three consecutive terms & Deputy Mayor for one of those years as well. It’s been an enormous journey to lead and enable growth within our municipality. With an eye on the future – and on the past – and with a diverse team our community has joined with me in robust and inquiring debate about what is important to our community. These debates have focussed on art, heritage, growth, jobs, future development and prosperity along with sustainability, creativity and environmental care. One of the very stylish projects I have worked closely on through these years has been heritage weekend’s fashion shows at the Art Gallery, at the Civic Hall, Mining Exchange and also support for the Tweed bike ride. The history of fashion in Ballarat over the decades and century has been captivating, thoughtful and diverse.

Camille Reed

``Camille has a feverous passion for sustainability, she is currently building Australia’s newest and largest association: The Australasian Circular Textile Association (ACTA) to facilitate and recognise the importance of a circular economy in the apparel and textile sector. Never one to sit back and wait for change, Camille has proudly aligned herself through partnerships with National and International experts as a leader in sustainability founding The Australian Circular Fashion Conference (ACFC), a unique annual event, collectively supporting Australia and New Zealand's textile industry in the business behind sustainable best practice.``

Ashley Fraser

Ashley Fraser is a Victorian Farmers Federation Board member, a role he a has held since February 2019. He is a grain farmer and seed producer from Rutherglen in north east Victoria. Along with the family farm business run in partnership with his extended family, he also manages the family’s seed processing business Baker Seeds. Mr Fraser has held numerous positions in the seed industry, including currently as a Director of the Australian Seed Authority. He became a VFF Grains Councillor in 2013 and was elected as the VFF Grains President in 2019.

Mark Jacobsen

Mark is the Managing Director of Replas, who since 1998, has grown to become the market leader for recycled plastic products in Australia and New Zealand. For over 20 years Mark has worked towards changing the culture of corporate Australia by encouraging industry leaders to take responsibility for the waste they produce. Creating a sustainable community that reduces, re-uses and recycles plastic is more important now than ever before, and Mark works with organizations and individuals who share his passion for creating a Circular Economy. At Replas, waste plastic is seen as a valuable resource that can make the world more sustainable for future generations. Mark strongly believes we can build a better environment through the procurement of recycled plastic products, and that Replas is an important part of the solution where we can all contribute.




1st Place

Jessica Barfoot

2nd Place

Leanne Westblade & Kat Pengelly

3rd Place

Janette Wotherspoon