Granny Skills

Rebecca Sullivan is a self-taught cook and has worked with some of the world’s best food producers, academics, activists, and chefs. A food curator, sustainable living advocate, Author, urban farmer and entrepreneur having recently founded Australian Native wellbeing brand Warndu with her partner Damien. Rebecca has worked on many a projects any food lover would envy, from launching the Real Food Festival in London to working on Slow Food Nation in San Francisco, farming coffee in Uganda to teaching scientists in the Maldives for the United Nations.

Rebecca completed her Masters in International Rural Development and Sustainable Agriculture at the Royal Agricultural College in Gloucestershire, UK during which she focused on food security and a sustainable food future. Rebecca’s obsession with food began in Italy, so it followed course that she would become interested in the Slow Food Movement in which she spent years working with them in the UK organising events, campaigns and of course eating.

Most importantly though, she is the founder of Granny Skills! ‘Granny Skills’ has a mission; to safeguard ‘granny skills,’ by protecting heritage, culture, skills, knowledge and traditions of our elders – passing down what granny knows best or perhaps a modern day Mrs Beeton.

Through Rebecca Sullivan’s Granny Skills Program, she aims to bring the skills from women all over Australia to share with younger generations as part of the Granny Skills Schools Program. Granny Skills is the opportunity for young people to learn from our mothers and grandmothers all the skills, crafts and ways that they used before we had big supermarkets and access to almost anything.

‘The Granny Skills movement is not just a lovely idea, it is a necessary one. The work this program is doing around positive ageing and living an eco life is invaluable.’ Costa Georgiadis, Presenter ABC TV

From growing food to making soap, brewing stock to weaving a basket the Granny Skills team program preserving the skills most precious to us. Rebecca believes that if we do not learn and pass these basic things on, they will be lost for eternity. This means learning from older generations and ensuring that their skills are passed on and valued. Together with schools, Granny Skills programs is helping to promote kitchen gardens, making jam, knitting beanies, curing meat and pickling every cucumber in sight!

Grampians Central West loves to work with Rebecca as she spreads the word on Granny Skills and retaining the food and craft skills of previous generations.

Interested in trying out some Granny Skills? Download some of Rebecca’s recipes and tips below…