Central Goldfields Shire Council

What waste and resource recovery topics and challenges are important to Central Goldfields?

  • Management of garden waste and its continual refinement to produce smaller shredded material to compost better and reduce contamination;
  • The cost of service to the customer and broader community is critical, and cost effective solutions to waste and resource recovery problems must be developed;
  • Future development of industrial zoned land at Flagstaff with resource recovery infrastructure (Energy from Waste) and its support of the economy and employment; and
  • Continuing maintenance and monitoring of rehabilitated closed Carisbrook Landfill.

What are the key existing facilities in this municipality?

  • Carisbrook Transfer Station and Resource Recovery Centre
  • Four (4) rural Resource Recovery Centres


What facilities are expected to change within the next ten years in this municipality? (This may include new, or expanded facilities, or facilities to be closed).

  • Development of a proposed energy from waste facility;
  • Continual improvement of Council’s four Transfer Station and Resource Recovery Centres, including the Carisbrook in-vessel composting facility.

What are the key Regional Implementation Plan Priority Actions for this Municipality?

3. Work across all levels of Government, Industry and Investors, to explore innovative and technological advancements that could inform future infrastructure development and investment.

4. Work with Councils and Industry to upgrade (and rationalise) infrastructure, improve operations and engage communities.

5. Facilitate work between Councils or Industry and the EPA to progress any rehabilitation assessments and requirements for closed landfills.

9. Continue to work with relevant agencies, Councils, Industry, Schools and the Community, on waste and resource recovery education and engagement.

This information has been collated by Grampians Central West WRRG. It in no way reflects any policy, intent, or proposal of the Central Goldfields Shire Council or Staff.

Information collated in July 2016.