Pyrenees Shire Council

What waste and resource recovery topics and challenges are important to Pyrenees?

  • The cost of service balanced by the level of service to the customer and broader community is critical and cost effective solutions to waste and resource recovery problems must be developed;
  • Data collection needs to be continually improved supported by feasibility studies to provide evidence towards cost effective solutions;
  • Continual improvement is required for Council’s Transfer Stations especially the connection of essential services;
  • Problem material streams including E-waste, tyres and scrap metal;
  • Community education of waste and resource recovery including what can and cannot be recycled; and
  • Economic development and employment opportunities through use of industrial land and/or collaborative advances.

What are the key existing facilities in this municipality?

  • Four (4) Transfer Stations
  • Beaufort Hospital Bioenergy Plant

What facilities are expected to change within the next ten years in this municipality? (This may include new, or expanded facilities, or facilities to be closed).

  • Continual upgrade to Council Transfer Stations.
  • Potential replication or similar bioenergy plant at specific suitable locations.
  • Investigate the partnership of a combined Resource Recovery Centre (potentially with neighbouring municipalities) with specialised services such as organics garden waste receival.

What are the key Regional Implementation Plan Priority Actions for this Municipality?

1. Assess and, where viable, support the development of solutions and systems to increase the recover of priority materials.

2. Facilitate the development of regional partnerships to enable efficiencies in resource recovery, materials transport and disposal.

4. Work with Councils and Industry to upgrade (and rationalise) infrastructure, improve operations and engage communities.

9. Continue to work with relevant agencies, Councils, Industry, Schools and the community on waste and resource recovery education and engagement.

This information has been collated by Grampians Central West WRRG. It in no way reflects any policy, intent, or proposal of the Pyrenees Shire Council or Staff.

Information collated in July 2016.