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Recycling Ewaste to Save Gorillas

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Your Role in the Recycling of E-Waste to Save Gorillas

Just in case you haven’t heard, humans have been unfair to Gorillas by the continuous mining of coltan, an act that has led to the death of several thousands of them. This is because coltan can be found in their natural habitat and sometimes under their skin.

While you might be wondering what coltan is, it is a substance used in the production of mobile phones. Users keep asking for upgrades of mobile devices from their producers and producers in return, keep mining coltan for the production of more and more phones.

In essence, we are indirectly responsible for the death of these Gorillas. However, there is something we can do to set things right.

Your Role in the Recycling of E-waste

Many users in developed countries change their phones frequently, but hardly care about what happens to their used phones. Users easily drop off their phones in places they cannot remember or even dispose those phones carelessly.

Rather, if you choose to sell Samsung phones that you no longer need (as opposed to being careless about whatever happens to such phones), you would have done a lot for the ecosystem by helping Gorillas survive. There are about 4.1 billion phone users in the world.

If about half of that population sells their used phones, the level at which coltan is mined would definitely reduce. This way, the habitat of Gorillas in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo would be as safe as the home it should be for the animals.

Advantages of Using Child Monitoring Applications

Being a parent in this digital age can be challenging. You will likely be concerned about what your kids are up to when using gadgets like smartphones, tablets, and laptops. It may seem improbable to guard them against the many threats lurking on the internet, but there are many ways of protecting them from online threats.

After all, research shows that approximately 40% of kids in the US have endured online bullying. Protecting your kids from online threats and dangerous apps can be achieved by the use of the right control software and cameras. Using control software has many benefits; below are some of them:

  1. Parental control

Child monitoring apps offer full parental control and protection to your kids. If you feel that they are getting access to the wrong sites. You can always take charge and protect them by uninstalling harmful app settings from their devices. This way, your kid can browse the internet without any restrictions.

  1. It’s easy to take action

In case you suspect unauthorized activities on your kid’s social media account, you can discover that early enough and take relevant action. As a parent, you want to ensure that your child doesn’t get exposed to the wrong information, and a child monitoring app will come in handy.

More so, you can trail their calls, messages, search history by use of the control apps. If you can’t afford the right software to track your kid’s activities, you can as well do away with the phone. You can sell their phones by searching where can I “sell my phone for cash,” and you will land on to the right site. Note, there are various sites where you can sell your phone online but, you need to look for the best. This way, you forget about mobile app risks.


As a parent, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your kids stay safe online. In connection to that, you need the right tools to enable you to track their online activities. By so doing, you can effortlessly control what they do online.

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