Regional Litter Plan

The Grampians Central West Regional Litter and Illegal Dumping Plan has been released.

Prepared in conjunction with our 12 regional councils, community groups and the general public it provides us with the strategic directions to address the issues of litter and illegal dumping across our region.

We thank everyone who assisted us in the development of this plan.

Case Studies in our Region

Sunday Sweep

The Sunday Sweep in Ballarat has been going  every week  in and around Ballarat since in early 2019 and has gathered significant momentum in terms of helpers and volumes of litter and illegal dumping that they have collected. They are a great example of community activism where a group of concerned locals have taken it upon themselves to do clean ups in a variety of locations. Their regular Facebook posts tell people where each clean is located in the coming week along with feedback each week about numbers of bags collected and even some of the most significant litter items.

Litter Super Heroes

Litter Super Heroes have been targeting some specific areas including waterways, national parks and recreational activities like camping and bushwalking.

The Grampians is a great tourist region so targeting tourists is part of the campaign – ensuring that tourists understand how important it is to keep the region litter free.

One of the great festivals in our region is the Begonia Festival – in 2019, Litter Super Heroes appeared at the festival in social media and in real life.

Getting the anti litter message into schools is a priority and what better place than at the Maryborough Energy Breakthrough – everyone can be a litter super hero.