Responsible Cafes

Australians love their coffee. So much so that it is estimated as many as 1 BILLION TAKEAWAY CUPS & LIDS are used, landfilled and/or littered every year. Due to a hidden, plastic lining in single use takeaway cups, most are never recycled.

The Responsible Cafes program run by volunteers, as seen on ABC’s War on Waste, connects thoughtful cafes with conscious consumers through the simple idea that cafes can reduce or eliminate disposable coffee cups by offering a discount to customers with reusable takeaway cups.

Find out who your local responsible cafes are and if you find out some of your local cafes are not, we encourage you to get your local café to consider becoming a responsible one!

To do this you can take the Responsible Cafes flyer below to your local café to explain to them about the program and encourage them to help eliminate disposable coffee cups.

Want to know more about which cup to choose – check out the better cup guide poster below explaining the impact of different cups.

Please contact us at for more information to use to help encourage your local businesses to be responsible cafes.