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Garbage Queen says

Sustainable Christmas part 2

We have spent a lot of time preparing for Christmas – some of us have been looking forward to it for months! The big day is almost upon us, the presents are purchased – well most of them are….and it is time to think about the big day itself!

Some of the things we need to think about for Christmas Day and dare I say the aftermath of the big are:

Too Much Food!
We waste more food at this time of year than any other! Why? We tend to stock up for the holidays, only to find that in the weeks after Christmas, our pantry’s and fridges are still full!

Think about and plan for what you really need for Christmas. How many people you will be feeding. Are you going away after Christmas? You can then create a menu and shopping list to buy exactly what you need for the day and avoid wasting food that ends up in landfill. Don’t forget to use your leftovers – there are lots of fantastic recipes for Christmas leftover creativity these days and if all else fails compost or worm farms can be fed!

Remember to Recycle
You have all been great at recycling throughout the year – so don’t stop at Christmas! With all the added paper, plastic & glass bottles that we will all accumulate over the Christmas period, ensure that you continue to maintain good recycling habits and that everyone knows about it.

Switch Off
2017 has been a year where electricity costs have made a lot of news. While we all love Christmas lights consider reducing the amount that you have, or using a more energy efficient alternative. Solar LED lights are fantastic, affordable and readily available! LED lights use 95% less energy and costs less to run.

The Christmas Wash Up
You’ve successfully made it through Christmas and looking forward to New Year and 2018! If you have followed the previous tips, you won’t have too much to worry about. As you pack up though, make a conscious effort to store away what you can so that you can reuse it next year. Things like wrapping paper, decorations and Christmas lights can be stored away and used year after year. You may not have spent a lot of money on those things and while it is tempting to get new things each year, that is just the type of consumer behaviour that’s fuelling the environmental challenges we have today.

Wishing everyone a safe, happy and sustainable Christmas and New Year.