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What to expect in 2020

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It is fair to say that 2019 was a challenging year from a sustainability perspective and 2020 is not likely to be any different.

In 2019 our challenges ranged from ongoing difficulties with our recycling through to renewable energy debates, drought, bushfires and growing climate activism in many parts of the country.

All of these are the types of big changes that we expect our governments and big business to lead but can we expect to change for ourselves in 2020 – where we not only change the year but enter the third decade of the 21st century.

Many people are realising that there is now a long term necessity to adapt a more sustainable lifestyle. Some of those trends that we will see or continue to see in 2020 are:


Home or Community Growing
The grow-your-own movement is set to continue apace, as more and more people grow at least some of their own food in their garden, verges, on a balcony or roof, or even just on a sunny windowsill inside their homes. Community gardens are also growing in popularity as people look to grow not only food but their community capacity.


Vegan Cuisine
Speaking of food – vegan cuisine is another growing sustainable trend – set to grow even more in 2020. As more people realise the true carbon and environmental cost of eating meat, delicious plant-based meals will be increasingly popular. This does not mean that meat is going to disappear from our diets but with  mainstream supermarkets stocking plant based meats as the people look to reduce their carbon footprint and improve their diets, there is a shift in our diets.


Reusable Food Containers
The ongoing problem with plastic waste will drive the trend (for businesses and consumers) towards natural, reusable food containers in stores, take-out places and restaurants. Supermarkets may trend towards selling food loose to take away in your own container rather than in single use plastic. We have a long way to go before we get this right but people are keen to change and reduce their waste footprint.


Going Solar
From solar panels and batteries, to passive solar design, from solar water heating to solar ovens, 2020 is set to see a continued increase in the number of people joining the growth in solar energy usage to make the most of the energy from our sun.


Upcycling & Repair
Another growing trend is upcycling furniture, apparel, and more – tapping into the massive desire to DIY, upcycling is another trend set to expand in 2020, as people reuse to keep things from landfill.  But more than that we are increasingly seeking to repair what we have and the growth in ethical purchasing for longer life and repairing what we have will continue to grow in 2020.


Slow Travel Adventures
Eco travel will also grow in 2020 – especially slow travel adventures like hiking, biking, sailing, kayaking and travel with a purpose.